Why we do it

Large companies have big talent pools. Somewhere in their buildings there's a lawyer and an editor and a social media guru and a graphic designer and a programmer. But communities are built on small businesses that don't always have the luxury of endless in-house capabilities. That's why we started Corder Creative. Our experience and approaches make us uniquely qualified to provide content and strategic assistance when and where you need it. We believe that helping you is our calling.

You shouldn't have to settle for "Well, I did it myself and I guess it'll be good enough." Enough with good enough. Let's do better together.

We have a few core values that support everything we do.

Faith in Christ

"Whoa," you say. "Slow down with the Jesus stuff." Don't worry—this doesn't mean we start every conversation with a five-minute prayer or insert subtle scriptural references into your work. It means that we are always asking ourselves, "Is what we're doing and how we're acting compatible with the idea of loving and supporting all people?"


We don't know how to do everything. We know a lot, and we know we don't know a lot. If your project is outside our wheelhouse, we'll tell you so. And together we'll decide if the best thing for you is to have us work at a discounted rate in exchange for the experience or to find someone else. Heck, we'll even help you find someone better if we can.


Plenty of one-off projects come through Corder Creative. But ideally we want to establish a long-term relationship that's beneficial to both of us. That means we're open, honest, and communicative, and we always want you to come away knowing we did our best by you. We want you to think of us as an extension of your team, while we think of you as part of our creative family.


Our pricing is structured to make ends meet without breaking your bank. Yes, we have a full suite of Adobe and Microsoft software, a dedicated phone line, and boxes of red pens in the closet. But we also got our desk chairs second-hand (for free!), never go out for coffee except to treat a client, and painted our office with discounted mistint paint from Home Depot. Because the former things are important to providing you with a good experience and results, while the latter are really immaterial to your satisfaction.