What we do

We do three things, plus a million others. 


Content is king. We help build your kingdom. Blog posts, articles, book jacket copy, short stories about missing table legs—you name it, we've probably written it. Let's discuss your needs and get to work.


There's no shame in not being a grammarian. But there's no reason not to get help either. Your business card, website, menu, or book says a lot about you, so be sure it says what you mean. You might be surprised how inexpensive it can be to come across as more professional and how easy it is to integrate us into your workflow.


Our varied experience in marketing, editing, and operations is a good reason to trust us with your business. Our commitment to true problem-solving and our core values is a great reason to trust us with your dreams. We'll work on-site or remotely to help you find success.

The million others

OK, a million is stretching it. But we've covered a lot of ground, including: 

  • Judging literary contests.
  • Speaking and hosting panels at conferences and conventions.
  • Replacing a car's timing chain.